Community Connection Alternate

Employment Opportunity

I am looking into working as a cashier for Value Village. This employment opportunity could benefit my future because it helps me improve my social skills by having to be comfortable around strangers. There are no specific requirements for this position because they only recommend some kind of cashier experience, which I have from being in leadership throughout middle school and holding fundraisers. This would be my first job so I wouldn’t be able to bring much experience working in this field other then having held fundraisers. I am currently able to apply  for this position.,-BC?advn=5570622762734971&vjk=0cdd88fcfb2a96be

Volunteer Opportunity

I decided to look into volunteering as a swimming instructor at an aquatics center. This volunteer opportunity could benefit my future because I would learn how to teach others and it could also give me volunteer hours which can be used for resumes and other important things such as graduation requirements. I am passionate about this field because I enjoy swimming and believe it is a skill that people should know how to do, I am also good enough at swimming to be able to teach people how to do it as well.

Photos by Juan Salamanca and  from Pexels