Stop Motion: Short Story Project

My project is about the short story named Barney. Due to the fact that I worked on this project by myself, I was in charge of every aspect from filming to editing. I found it a bit difficult at times to be able to find the resources I needed but I managed to complete the project on time. I also found it difficult to keep the camera at a consistent angle but I ended up building a stand to be able to hold it up.

Sea Devil Character Sketch

The man in “The Sea Devil” is an ordinary, hardworking man who uses fishing as an escape from his ordinary job in his ordinary life. He is described as a strong, broad-shouldered man in his late twenties, he was also wearing swimming trunks and tennis shoes. He mentions that he is a man who uses his head not his hands, hinting at the fact that he is well educated. His intelligence is shown in all the knowledge he has about the local wildlife and there feeding grounds, it is also visible in the way he adapts to any situation he is thrown in. For example, when he is thrown off his boat and into the water he manages to clear his head and find a way to break the rope connecting him to the sea devil which also shows the quick-witted nature of his character. He is also quite courageous due to the fact that he didn’t back down and give up when he was pulled into the water. The man is also naturally trustworthy and good-natured, “The porpoise had fed well this night and was in no hurry… It had no quarrel with any ray, but it feared no fish in the sea…” (page 39) The and the porpoise had no reason to battle each other, but the porpoise attacked the Sea Devil for no apparent reason. It appears as if the author wanted to show the reader that the porpoise was trying to help the man get away from the ray. Over the course of the story, the man grows more sympathetic for other creatures. “Slowly, painfully, the man began to move through the placid water. He came to the skiff at last and climbed into it… The man reached down with his torn hand, picked up the mullet and let it go.” (page 41) The man starts off believing that man has mastered and overcame nature, viewing humanity on a higher level then the rest of the animal kingdom. After struggling for his life against the Sea devil, he realizes that man is in fact natures equal, he then looks at the mullet, realizing that the poor creature was going through the same ordeal as him, but with no way of escape, so he lets it go. Overall, the man in the “Sea Devil” can be seen as an intelligent, compassionate, hardworking person. Many people could use his story as a guide in life to help understand that humanity is not above nature and that hard work and intelligence are essential for a happy, humble life.


“Strong U.S. Dollar Equals Greater Value.” Northern Ontario Travel, 7 June 2016,

All about me!

All about me

Christian Piercey



I believe that I have three main events that happened over the course of my life that shaped who I am. The first event that shaped me was when I started doing Mixed Martial arts. When I was 6 my dad asked me if I wanted to do jiu-jitsu, which is very similar to wrestling. I started a few weeks later and I have never stopped since, I remember the first time I walked into the gym and all I could smell was an overpowering mix of deodorant and leather. For the first three years I was at West Coast Martial Arts, but I then switch to a new gym, Titan MMA due to the fact that West Coast started to waver and become more commercially focused. I spent another three years doing the kids classes and as of 2018 I have been going to adult classes. I believe that it helped shape me as a person because I learned how to interact with people outside of a school setting and it helped me become a more outgoing person.


The second event that helped shape me as a person was when I went to Serbia, my mothers home country in the fourth grade. I remember walking off the plane when we arrived, the sudden blast of heat was like nothing I have ever felt. I became exposed to another culture and I got to see how those in poorer countries live, everyone was very full of life and all the children in Serbia go out and play instead of sitting at home playing video games all day. I made quite a few new friends that I still talk to today, it also helped me learn a new language which was incredibly fun. The only thing that I was not fond of was the overpowering smell of cigarette smoke no matter where you were, whether it was on the country side or in the big cities.





The third and final event that shaped me as an individual was in the sixth grade. I started the grade getting very good grades and I got to know my teachers very well. About halfway through the year my teachers talked to the principal and managed to get them to let me start doing math one year in advance. I continued with math 6 until the end of grade 6. I started math 7 in summer school and felt incredible because I was the only person doing this, I completed math 7 in summer school and started math 8 during my grade 7 year. I think that my favourite thing in the world is during the wintertime, when it is cold outside, and you are sitting, snuggled up on the couch with a nice warm drink, watching random shows and movies on Netflix. Which is always accompanied by the complete silence of winter and the smell of soup on the stovetop. Overall, I think that no matter who you are, there are always three or more experiences that shape who we are as individuals.