Principles of Learning

-Learning involves patience and time
This connects to what we have learned because with a lot of the experiments and labs we have done they take patience and time. They have taken up a whole class or a few days to complete. They took this long because we needed to wait for results. This also relates to the inquiry experiment I am currently doing. My partner and I are growing tomato plants; each day we have been recording data and seeing if the ones with fertilizer grows fast than the ones without. This idea relates to the song because she wants to go out and explore however, she doesn’t know the dangers of what could happen to her. Moana doesn’t know how to sail a boat and learning takes time and practice.
-Learning involves recognizing that some knowledge is sacred and only shared with permission and/or in certain situations
When doing experiments, we can’t always follow rules. Scientists have discovered so many things because they have been creative. It relates because they didn’t have any knowledge. Or maybe some scientists have information that they will not give out because it is very significant. They want to be the only ones with the data. The quote is connected with the song because the song is about her wanting to go out there but her father won’t let he because he doesn’t want her to know what’s out there. The dad wants her to be the next leader of the island and doesn’t want the people of the island to want to move to possibly a better one.

Overall, I think this song has one very important message but the main one isn’t the one I am connecting these thoughts too. It is the secondary one which is the father doesn’t want her to go because he wants her to stay but she also doesn’t know how dangerous it is to go out there. Also, the dad knows how dangerous it is because he had sent men out before and they never returned so he doesn’t want his daughter to be in harm.

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