Technology and Genetics: Grafting

Watch video 1 first and 2 second.

1. What problem is your topic trying to solve?
-Increase crops. To repair broken parts. Heal faster.

2. What assumptions are made by your sources?
-Some say it is unnatural and shouldn’t be allowed but majority say it’s a good idea because it can prevent diseases.

3. What are the writers’ biases?
-One website I looked at was a greenhouse site and they were very positive about the process. Some other sites like the one written by people not so educated were both-sided.

4. What social implications does your topic have?
-If plants can be rehabilitated they keep producing oxygen.

5. What ethical implications does your topic have?
-Some people believe humans should only be able to do so much before they go to far. Cloning and grafting plants is up to nature to help.
-For skin grafting people have similar opinions. It is a good idea but is it to far? Some believe if you get injured your body should be able to repair itself.

6. Evaluate your topic and whether it is a satisfactory solution to the problem, given the weaknesses you have already addressed.
-I think it is a good solution because we can keep species healthier for longer and save them.

7. What is your personal stance on this topic?
-I think it is a good idea because it can help prevent plants from dyeing off. It also helps people with health issues like having troubles breathing. If a veins are clogged they can mend two veins together and then it will clean out.


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