Week 15 in math 10

This week we learned about slope-point form.

We learned we could create it with just one coordinate and the slope.

It’s also a really easy way to graph with.


Then you can change it into general form.

Then into slope-y intercept form.

Week 14 in math 10

This week in math we started a new chapter about slope.

Slope=Rise over Run.

You have a line on a grid and you find 2 nice points on the grid. You then see how high it goes up then how far it goes right or left. (Right means positive and left means negative)

Week 13 in math 10

This week we learned about function notation.

We learned how G(x)=y and how G(2)=x.

X is our domain and Y is our range.

Example#1: So G(5)=x so you would replace all the x’s with 5’s then do the equation.

Example#2: G(x)=43 and G(x)=y so you’re replacing G(x) with 43 then you do the equation.