Desmos Portrait with Math – Caralyn Wittal


I think this was a great way to incorporate problem-solving and creative thinking into the classroom. This project made me really think about the equations I was using to make my portrait. When I started making my portrait I had no idea what I was doing like the lines weren’t going where I wanted and it was just a mess. I realized that you can use smaller numbers like 5.67 to make lines more accurate. Once I got around the obstacles of needing to move things from side to side, I started to get a hang of it. It was cool to see by adding a negative sign here or a 3 there how much it would change the graph. The most challenging part, in my opinion, was trying to figure out my hair. I didn’t really get my hair right but it’s close enough. I used a lot of circles/ovals in my portrait because they were easy to edit if you put a 3 in front of the brackets it will make the circle an oval. For my eyebrows, I used sin from trig. I didn’t think I would be using trig at all with my portrait but I asked some of my friends who did this project already to try sin and it worked pretty well. This assignment helped figure out the 5<x<7 to make the lines stop in certain places.



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  1. Hi Caralyn, I am glad to hear you enjoyed working on problem solving and creative thinking while completing this portrait!

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