solution to climate change

Define: Methane is one of the leading causes of climate change.  If people start to clean up their diet a little bit and eat less meat it could contribute to being healthier yourself and help the planet from too much methane in the atmosphere.

Discover: “Campaigners have been trying to persuade the public to eat less meat for years. It’s more than four decades since Peter Singer’s consciousness-awakening book and rallying cry Animal Liberation was published. The Vegetarian Society has been going four times as long, since 1847. Over those years, there have been countless exposés of cruelties in factory farms and of the damage that farming can do to the local environment, and doctors increasingly warn of the risks of eating too much meat.”

Dream: try walking to places or riding a bike instead of driving, eat less meat to lessen the need for livestock, try solar power for somethings,

Deliver: I chose “go vegan save the planet”

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Debrief: I think I did pretty good but one thing I could improve on is using my time better



2 thoughts on “solution to climate change”

  1. Your post is informative, convincing, and complete. I appreciate how you connected our diet with climate change. I agree with Steven that becoming a vegan takes a lot of commitment but you have given some food for thought. Good job citing your sources. Consider embedding your PowerPoint next time. Your Debrief could have been more detailed. Excellent work!

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