This is my Take Our Kid To Work Day 2017 experience. These are some photos of what happened and a small video of my host’s client. (I got consent)

My Host’s name is Mack, he’s my mothers, personal trainer.

His job title is a personal trainer he works on improving the well-being of individuals through physical activity and fitness. When Mack is at work he is responsible for safely instructing clients through workouts, creating programs and maintaining the cleanliness of the facility. The qualifications he has in training is 10+ years of weightlifting, 10+ years of soccer, multiple 100km bike races and multiple half marathons. For education, Mack has BCRPA personal training certification, Douglas college sports, and science diploma and an FMS level 1. For experience, Mack has been in Club 16 gym staff for 3 years, Innovative fitness professional training coach for 3 years, and now he is a self-employed personal trainer. The skills and attributes he has are hardworking, determined, focused and punctual. Mack really likes his job his favourite parts of having his job is that every day is different and he enjoys seeing clients reach their goals and the fulfilment it brings them. But one thing he doesn’t like about his job is when clients cancel last minute because he put together workouts that are specific to his client and it takes a long time to create each workout for what the client wants.

My thoughts on this experience. I can actually see myself doing this is the future I really like how each day is different, the relationships the clients have with their trainer and I love staying healthy and I really enjoy fitness. I liked this experience because I knew a little bit of what I wanted to do when I’m older and now I have a clearer view of what I want todo in the future.

-Caralyn Wittal

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