English 9

Poetry Project


The Boxer

By: Camilla Mancia

She wraps her hands fiercely,

waiting for her moment in the ring.

The gloves are on, nothing can stop her now,

The music plays louder and louder as she takes every step,

closer and closer to her destination.

She gets in the ring, she takes 3 breaths in and out,

her mind is focused on winning and winning only.

The bell went off she swung her first hit and by the time she struck,

all that was left was the fading sound of the bell.

The gloves were just demolishing out there, she did a 1,2 then a 3,2,6 and tons more!

But just one stood out and that was her right hook, her right hook just put her opponent to the ground with a loud thumb and was out.

She whispered to herself while looking to her gloves

“knock em dead”

The lights went off and when they came back in, all that was left were the gloves laying in the center of the ring.


Mother to son

Mother to son is a meaningful and a wise open poem written by Langston Hughes, the poem was talked from the mother’s perspective. The mother in her life didn’t have a “crystal stair” like she said “and life for me ain’t been no “crystal stair.” And she wants to give her son advice for now and later on in his lifetime. What she is trying to say is that life won’t be a dream a fairytale where everything is going to plan no bumps in the road, no bad turns where something is doing to be in the way of things. The mother is trying to teach her son that yes there will be tough times and bumps each step you take, but just don’t give up easily “so, boy, don’t you turn back. don’t you set down on the steps, Cause you finds it kinder hard. Don’t you fall now-…” if you want to get to a destination, like you want to go to school and get straight A’s, well it won’t be east to get to the top you have to work hard and don’t back down to what you want and learn from you mistakes, if someone bring you down stand back up and keep climbing to where you want to reach and don’t look down. To wrap this all up the mother told all this to her son because maybe when she was her son’s age she didn’t get  that kind of attention and she didn’t go to school because the way the author is writing how she is speaking in the poem seems that she was uneducated and she wants more for her son than she did for her own self when she was a child.

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  1. Camilla – what an interesting poem you wrote! I like it! The composition lacks a discussion of the devices used: metaphor and diction.

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