Science 9

Matter Matters

Matter Matters

Define: The problem

The chemical change, changes of state, the particle model of matter, The kinetic molecular theory, qualitative and quantitative properties, and pure substances.

Why might concepts be hard to understand:

  • It is sort of confusing in some ways
  • You don’t really understand it fully
  • You will forget what you have learned when your learning something new, but you will know little bit but not as much as you did in the beginning.

How does one make this engaging?

  • Labs
  • Color coat the PowerPoint to understand it better in sections
  • Draw the objects to show matter

IE: atoms,neutrons,protrons,electrons

  • Documentary
  • Movies


What are some possibilities of teaching/sharing information in a engaging way?

  • create a game that has all the matter liquid,solid,games and create it into something awesome!
  • Watching videos/documentary
  • Doing labs

here is my project on PowerPoint click down here:


Matter Matter presentation


Deliver:  I chose to do my presentation in PowerPoint in the presentation it has colored sections videos pictures and it is an easy way to understand matter at least I think it’s easy to understand.

Debrief: I think I did very good on my PowerPoint because when I read my presentation/project I feel like I can understand it more and its easier to understand. But I could have improved to dig a little deeper on more facts to get a better room way to understand it other than that I think it was really good.

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  1. Thanks for your Matter Matters post. I appreciate your PowerPoint with the embedded video as it made the concepts clear. Great work!

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