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Business in a Pandemic

Business in a Pandemic

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  • Businesses in a Pandemic

    The business I chose was the one I was going to go originally for WEX which was M&BK Stainless Inc.

    This company has adapted by doing more work that is needed right now because before covid this company relied heavily on restaurants business but do to the restaurants losing money and not being able to afford renovations and no new restaurants opening they now started working more for grocery stores and hospitals because there still operating. Less people are eating out, so more people are going to grocery stores causing them to want to do more renovations or expand. M&BK stainless company also chose less busy hours of the day to do installs like the morning or late at night because there’s less people so it’s easier for them to social distance and keep 6ft away. If they must go at busy hours they put on masks for extra protection.

    My two ideas would be.

    -Not allow so many people into the shop at once. Have different hours that people come in. A morning and nightshift so the shop wouldn’t be so crowded.
    -If they do go to a job site insisting, they wear masks whether they are required or not on the job site.
    It would be mandatory to wipe down all their tolls that they brought into the site.