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Biotechnology and Genetics blog post


Cloning is when the genetics of two things or objects are replicated and resemble exactly the same no difference what so ever. Cloning can happen in a natural way that the environments produce or they can happen were they were made by man.

The technology are ????

Artificial embryo cloning

Its the same process that happens inside of the mother but this way starts in a Petri dish and the eggs are not inside the mother till later. In the early stages an embryo is separated into some cells. They can divide and develop in the Petri dish for a short while. They then get placed in the mother and they finish developing. since they all come from the same egg they will be identical.

Somatic cell nuclear transfer

Somatic cell is any other cell in the body than the egg and the sperm. Reproductive cells are called germ cells. Every mammal has a somatic cell that contains too chromosomes so that means there is only one germ cell. Nuclear is the compartment that holds the cells DNA. The DNA is separated in too the two chromosomes and that is enough information to form an organism. Transfer this process brang one item to the other. First they isolated the somatic cell and then they removed the nucleus and DNA from all the egg cells. They later transferred the nucleus from the somatic cells and then to the egg. To get it perfect they had to do some chemical tweaks. This process did the same thing as the other just a different way of doing it.

The greatest advance for cloning would have to Somatic cell nuclear transfer because this one is far more complicated and advanced than the other one the example would be Dolly the sheep she was the first mammal clone.

Image result for dolly the sheep

This biotechnology is best used for medical research because it can help with a lot of different types of research.

This form of biotechnology is changing the world with medical issues. Right now there doing a stem cell clone project everyone needs stem cells to live and if we can clone them they could help peoples life’s out. Like repair diseased organs and help with diseases. They could start bring endangered or extinct animals .


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