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Artifacts of learning.

Artifacts of learning.

1.) Pictures

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2a) The story of your experience: We started out wanting to create a light and design are own but we saw a lot of other groups doing that so when ms. Robinson suggested to do a PowerPoint to document everything that has gone on we though that was a good idea. We have been documenting everything from the first PowerPoint to the last.

b.) With whom you connected: we didn’t really need to directly connect we just listened to what the other groups questions were and what the responses were.

c.) What you did/made: We did a PowerPoint that documents everything that has happened during this project.

3.) Skills you gained: How to explain more about the things your doing also that it doesn’t take much to help someone out.

b.) How you feel you met your learning goals: I think i met them on an okay basis because i didn’t really show a lot of network into the project we didn’t connect with anyone outside of the class. But other than that i think i met my learning goal.

4.) A debrief of the experience:

a.) How the collaboration went: For the most part it was pretty good it’s sometimes a little harder to work in a group because not everyone will like your idea. Our PowerPoint turned out pretty good a lot of information of what we learned.

b.) What you did well/ What can you improve; I did well on the information we put in the PowerPoint but i could work on making it more organized and sticking to one idea not all these little slides think of the big question.

c.) How you felt about connection-based learning: I liked how we got to come up with the ideas on what we were going to do we didn’t have to do it on something we didn’t want to. I also liked how we got to talk with other people outside are class room that was pretty cool.