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How cells multiply.

How cells multiply

Sexual Reproduction: There must be a male and a female for sexual reproduction. To produce a living thing the males sperm cell has to be able to fertilize the egg of the female. If the sperm cannot fertilize the egg the women will not be able to conceive a baby. Not one person alike has the same DNA as you. Unless you are an identical twin. By combinding genetic information from two people of different sexes you can produce a new living organisms.This processe can happen with animals, humans and even plants.

Asexual Reproduction: The clone will be an identical copy of the parents. It mostly happens with plants, bacteria, and fungi. There are all different types of Asexual Reproduction. The offsprings are genetically identical to the one parent. It does not involve the fusion of gametes.

Mitosis: It’s when a single cell divides into two daughter cells. When it divides the two cells will become identical. The most significant purpose is to replace worn out or old cells. It’s also an Asexual Reproduction.

Meiosis:  The cell division reduces the numbers of chromosomes. Most cells divide to produce two copies of themselves.  Is mostly apart of Sexual Reproduction.

How organism grow: Organism grow when the cell divides because this doubles how many organisms their are. They are constantly dividing.  Because organisms keep on growing in your body needs consistent supply of nutrition and oxygen. When you get an injury or a bruise, your body heals them by developing more cells than your body normally does on that spot.

Understanding Reproduction: Reproduction can happen in two way Sexual reproduction and Asexual reproduction. They are different things but they almost have the same function cut one you need two living creatures and the other you just need one. But they both produce something

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