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The Metaphor Essay

The Metaphor Essay

It’s all fun in games till some one gets hit by a bus

Charlette had Ms. Hancock in grade 7 and followed her to grade 10. Ms. Hancock was very flamboyant and overenthusiastic, so in grade 10 Charlette never even gave her a smile. When Ms. Hancock got in a tragic accident Charlotte felt bad but her mother said get over it because she didn’t like Ms. Hancock.

Charlette will more likely end up like her mom because that’s all she knows. She grew up and saw everything her mom did. While she only knew Ms. Hancock for a short 2 years.

Ms. Hancock and Charlette’s mother were very different people. They both had different effects on Charlette. Ms. Hancock cared about everyone. She tried to touch her students with poetry and literature. She cared for the kids even if they didn’t care for her. When Charlette read a metaphor about her mom it painted a negative picture of her. Ms. Hancock asked Charlette “May I see you for a moment” (p.68).When they were talking about the metaphor Ms. Hancock asked would you like to talk about your mother “I don’t really knows what it means”.(P.69). Ms. Hancock asked once more you want to talk about and so Charlette said no. So their discussion ended. Ms. Hancock wanted to talk about the metaphor about her mom to see if she was okay with her mom this shows that she truly did care for Charlette and her felling’s

Charlette’s mother is very organized doesn’t like a mess and not very empathetic. Can be cold. When Charlette was a baby and playing with her toys her mom would always tell her “why not keep them all in one spot” Because Charlette’s mom didn’t like their to be messes everywhere. Charlette’s has to clean up every mess there is because her mom says “that’s not a pretty site” which more than likely makes Charlette fill useless. When Ms. Hancock died her mom seemed glade “She only had her self to blame” said Charlette’s mom when Charlette said she was the reason Ms. Hancock died.

Charlette found out more about who she wanted to be like she grew up and found out more about who she was. When she slapped the guy in the face for making fun of Ms. Hancock when she was dead because Charlette did care about Ms. Hancock it just took tragedy for her to realize it. The deeper meaning in this story love and respect people when their here because you wont get them forever and find out who you are as a person and never let it go even if people don’t like it your self happiness is far better than what other people think.