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Governing Quebec Paragraph

“As a British official, I realize there are many alternatives to governing Quebec. I have chosen the policy of Biculturalism to ensure the colony is properly run.” Biculturalism would be the best option at this time due to the threat of war. If we leave the French and the First Nation alone and let them practice there culture we have less of a target on or backs. We could be the good guys by letting them be free to follow their culture. We would have to accept their culture and be more opened minded than we have been in the past. We don’t have to practice their culture we just have to accept it. their will be excellent rewards in the end if we follow thought. for example a more open country more of a bound between use. we would gain knowledge from the different cultures.

Here are the three reasons why Biculturalism is the best option

1) Everyone in the colonies will be happier because they don’t have to adapt to another culture. They don’t run as high of a risk of being deported somewhere else because they have the right to be a part of their own culture. They know that they don’t have have to flee anywhere because there are two cultures and they are both right in their own ways.

2) They would become more open to new ideas and other ways of thinking because some times there probably would be clashes between the two cultures but they would have to agree at some point so it doesn’t result in a war and they can live at peace. Also they would become more accepting and they would probably find good things about each others culture and add to their own.

3) They would have more alliances that if another country tried to take over Quebec or the place they were living at a time they would have to fight twice as many man to get the land they might not have the same culture but there fighting for the same land the wars for them wouldn’t be as devastating because they wouldn’t loses as many man. There army would probably be stronger than it has ever been. And the French and the English fought the most for this land against one another. So if they got to keep their own culture they would remain more as friends than enemies because they don’t have to fight against which is the strongest and best culture etc.. which is a win on both sides because their would be a lot less wars.

“As i have outlined above, i believe there are the three reasons why Biculturalism is the best option.he best policy for governing Quebec is Biculturalism. This will ensure that the colony will remain under British control and provided wealth for out glorious country.