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Foods 10- Lab reflection

Lab reflection

I chose to do my reflection on the Granola bars

1.) I chose do reflect on the granola bars because they were one of my favorite things that we’ve made in the lab so far.  I also really enjoyed the taste of them.

2.) I enjoyed the lab because they weren’t just fun to make they were good to taste.  Also everyone in my group got to contribute a little bit to this lab we all had something to do.

3.) The product turned out the way i thought it was going to because the recipe was pretty straight forward and easy to follow.

4.) On this lab are group worked pretty well together because we all had something to do none of us were ever just standing around.

5.) If i were to do this lab again i would have maybe left them in the oven for a little bit longer.

sorry for the bad quality photos

This is the mise-en place

This is the final product.