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Business in a Pandemic

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  • Businesses in a Pandemic

    The business I chose was the one I was going to go originally for WEX which was M&BK Stainless Inc.

    This company has adapted by doing more work that is needed right now because before covid this company relied heavily on restaurants business but do to the restaurants losing money and not being able to afford renovations and no new restaurants opening they now started working more for grocery stores and hospitals because there still operating. Less people are eating out, so more people are going to grocery stores causing them to want to do more renovations or expand. M&BK stainless company also chose less busy hours of the day to do installs like the morning or late at night because there’s less people so it’s easier for them to social distance and keep 6ft away. If they must go at busy hours they put on masks for extra protection.

    My two ideas would be.

    -Not allow so many people into the shop at once. Have different hours that people come in. A morning and nightshift so the shop wouldn’t be so crowded.
    -If they do go to a job site insisting, they wear masks whether they are required or not on the job site.
    It would be mandatory to wipe down all their tolls that they brought into the site.

pottery group project

Made by: Brynne, Nisa, Heba, Zira and Marlee

For this project  we had to work in a group to design dinner wear representing the type of art are group choses we decided on pop art which is a form of art that shows popular things like food brands, designs that are big.

we decided to make a fondue tray made by nisa that looked like a cereal box, then we did a water jug to look like the Kool-Aid man made by heba & Nisa, after that we made a  cake stand to look like a donu by me,, the final thing was bowls to look like watermelons by Marlee.

we came up with these ideas by everyone dotting down what they wanted to make and do. some ideas the group decided not to do either because it was to difficult or didnt represent pop art. are final decision was made by a vote and what are group wanted to make for the final table display. After we got are 5 designs we had to chose which one we wanted to make which was pretty easy cause most of use were set on what we wanted to do..

Are group worked really well toghther if anyone looked like they were struggling they always got offered help! are group was always very incouraging to.



In your opinion, based on the theme of this story, how has Canadian history and attitudes shaped the First People of Canada’s identity?


In my opion on the how history shaped the identity of the first nation people. I think history did shape their identity because they were dragged around and not respected for what they believed and how they lived they were taught to not embraces there culture because it was a savage way to act. A lot of people think when they wear first nation they think of head dresses, beads, some people also think their all alcoholics. People also tend to disrespect the first nation culture because they were taught not to

Persuasive Essay Reflection

Persuasive Essay Reflection

1 thing im proud of.

  •  In this persuasive essay I’m proud that I got it done on time and that the format was right for it

2 Things I want to improve

  • I would do more research so I would have more information to go off of and make my persuasive essay more persuasive and more understandable.
  • I would also pick a rounder topic that has more evidence to back it up with.

Related image

I chose this photo because it shows a leader above everyone else which is what I’m arguing .

How does one find happiness?

How does one find happiness?

In the movie 50/50, directed by Jonathan Levine. In the movie 50/50 theirs a guy named Adam his life starts off like any other. He has a girlfriend and that’s getting serious and goes to his job at the radio station everyday. Then all of a sudden he gets bad new he’s been diagnosed with cancer. His life halts to a stand still. Things that made him happy didn’t anymore; his life was passing by with him felling nothing at all. He breaks up with his girlfriend and falls in love with someone that makes him really happy and that he is truly in love with. He starts appreciating his mother more for all she’s done and is doing for him. He starts getting a better perspective on life. Humans can go though hard times and still put a smile on their face at the end of the day. THIS MOVIE SHOWS THAT WHEN GOING THOUGH OBSTACLES , IF YOU KEEP A POSITIVE MIND SET, IF YOU ACCEPT LOVE AND GIVE LOVE YOU CAN FIND JOY IN THE LITTLE THINGS.

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