pottery group project

Made by: Brynne, Nisa, Heba, Zira and Marlee

For this project  we had to work in a group to design dinner wear representing the type of art are group choses we decided on pop art which is a form of art that shows popular things like food brands, designs that are big.

we decided to make a fondue tray made by nisa that looked like a cereal box, then we did a water jug to look like the Kool-Aid man made by heba & Nisa, after that we made a  cake stand to look like a donu by me,, the final thing was bowls to look like watermelons by Marlee.

we came up with these ideas by everyone dotting down what they wanted to make and do. some ideas the group decided not to do either because it was to difficult or didnt represent pop art. are final decision was made by a vote and what are group wanted to make for the final table display. After we got are 5 designs we had to chose which one we wanted to make which was pretty easy cause most of use were set on what we wanted to do..

Are group worked really well toghther if anyone looked like they were struggling they always got offered help! are group was always very incouraging to.


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