Take home lab#2 Noodles

Recipes for take home lab

1.) Chicken noodle soup

This homemade chicken noodle soup is a great recipe for a cold night and tastes great.


30 ml- Unsalted butter

240 ml- Sliced carrots

120 ml- Sliced celery

120 ml- Diced onion

1,920 ml- low-sodium chicken broth

2 chicken breast

720 ml- Egg noodles

2.5 ml- dry basil

2.5 ml- oregano

1.25 ml- salt

1.25 ml- garlic powder

1.25 ml- pepper


2) sweet and spicy udon noodles

  • The sauce is divine with the chose of chicken or shrimp


3.) Rice bowl with avocado

-All the flavors combined make an excellent taste




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