Eggs at home part.1

Recipe for at home lab


With all the flavors this meal will sure leave your taste bubs wanting more.

2.) Egg biscuit

All the ingredients go well together

3.) Deviled eggs

A lovely combination of flavors

Lab Reflection#2

I chose to do my lab reflection#2 on breakfast burritos because out of all the labs we did from March/April. This one I really enjoyed making and it was super good. I enjoyed this lab because it was a lot of fun to make and you got to make everything yourself. Yes, my product turned out the way i hoped. What helped was i have made these before so i had an understood how to make it. This lab are group worked very well together we all had something to do though out the whole lab none of use were just standing there. If i could do this lab again i would probably put the salsa in the burrito not on top.

Take home lab#2 Noodles

Recipes for take home lab

1.) Chicken noodle soup

This homemade chicken noodle soup is a great recipe for a cold night and tastes great.


30 ml- Unsalted butter

240 ml- Sliced carrots

120 ml- Sliced celery

120 ml- Diced onion

1,920 ml- low-sodium chicken broth

2 chicken breast

720 ml- Egg noodles

2.5 ml- dry basil

2.5 ml- oregano

1.25 ml- salt

1.25 ml- garlic powder

1.25 ml- pepper

2) sweet and spicy udon noodles

  • The sauce is divine with the chose of chicken or shrimp

3.) Rice bowl with avocado

-All the flavors combined make an excellent taste