Readers response: “A television drama”

A television drama

Part A: The reporters POV

At one twenty in the afternoon the police received a call from an upscale neighborhood.   A man who had robbed a store was in the area.  The police have demanding for everyone to get into their houses. He may be armed and dangerous. Their is now an aproching man who looks like the suspect who meets the discription coming from a house. The police are armed and ready.  The suspect has been shot by 2 police.  The robber had a gun around his wast repoted the police they shot him for protection.

Part B: Media and a “television drama”

Most people would go check of what is happening maybe turn on thier television or go right into the action and ask the police or reporters of what is going on. People are curios beans. Exemple from the story when people from their community had gon eonto the street to see what was happening.



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