Short Story to Internet Article – Harrison Bergeron

Internet Article

I turned the narrative short story “Harrison Bergeron” into an explanatory internet article. I chose to write the internet article as a factual news article explaining the story of Harrison Bergeron. The original short story is a cyber-punk science fiction story, as it shows us how further technological development can allow the government to control society more easily and more effectively. The story has a theme of control and power and shows us how, when given access to more powerful technology, the government can begin to control society. I created my internet article using a website and I changed the formatting of the short story to be easier to follow as an internet article. I did not shorten the paragraphs too much because I wanted to keep the necessary information in the article, as I wrote it in the style of a news report. I used a bullet list and inserted original photos to make the website more interesting and interactive. The website also features related articles, information about the author and a subscription option. I felt like Harrison Bergeron’s story could be a real news story if it were to happen, so I created a news report about the short story the way I think it would actually be written by journalists.