Timeline – Communication

Communication has continued to evolve for centuries and society has made great advancements in communication-based technology. From the first long-distance communication devices to the new smartphones, every communication device has had an impact on the following and the way one interacts with the world. In 1844, Samuel Morse not only created a long-distance communication device called the telegraph, he also created a new language called Morse Code. A series of dots and lines symbolizing different letters. The telegraph inspired many following communication devices, such as the telephone and the rotary phone. These inventions were created with the goal to facilitate long-distance communication, the telegraph was a non-verbal method of interaction and the telephone used vocal vibrations to function. This large jump between verbal and non-verbal interaction shows how one invention leads to another, even with its advancements. Without the telegraph, the modern-day smartphone would not exist. The invention of the cellphone in 1983 was made possible by the advancements in telephone wires and antenna connections used to create the telephone and handheld radios. When technology companies realized they could combine the cellphone and the camera, they began to wonder what else they could add to the mobile telephone. Touchscreen cellphones became a reality with the iPhone and Apple has continued to add more features to their smartphones because of their success with the first iPhone to be released. Since 2007, Apple has added fingerprint identification, Facetime, iMessage, face identification and more. The invention of new communication technology has rapidly increased in the 21st century, as it is easier to create, and access products today than it has ever been before. Every advancement in communication related devices has evolved the way society interacts with one another. Technology will continue to change and develop over time, but every new invention will always stem from the previous ones.