Advertising Target Markets

The company that created this commercial is Ikea and the product featured in this ad is a chair, though they are advertising all of their furniture and how it can change peoples’ lives. I believe that the target audience for this commercial is adults who are looking for a small change to brighten up their lives. This ad demonstrates that one small change, like a new chair, can lead to many new exciting adventures in one’s life. I came to the conclusion that the target audience is adults looking for a change because they are the ones who are going to buy furniture from Ikea. Children do not buy furniture and adults who are happy with their furniture are not going to buy more. Adults needing a change in furniture or something new are the ones who would be inspired by this commercial and who would want to buy their furniture from Ikea. This ad is fun to watch and creates a story for the viewers. It engages their imaginations and leads them to wonder what adventures their Ikea furniture could create for them.