Fresh Periodic Table

Fresh Periodic Table:

We created a new format for the periodic table using chemical properties and different orders. The elements are arranged in alphabetical order and in order of type of element.

  1. Yellow = Transitional Metals
  2. Blue = Halogens
  3. Pink = Alkali Metals
  4. Green = Alkaline Earth Metals
  5. Purple box = Noble gases
  6. Blue box = Hydrogen

* Spaces between elements in the same column represent a new letter *

COL – Solution Fluency + Collaboration Fluency


Create a new format for the Periodic Table using known chemical properties, arrangements and pre-existing organisations of the Periodic Table. Use new shapes, colors and arrangements to develop a new useful periodic table.


We wanted to create a periodic table that was easier to use and made sense to someone who was new to using it. We thought we could have a more refined shape and use colors to distinguish between different kinds of elements. Instead of creating a more complicated periodic table, we made one that is still useful but makes it easier to identify and classify different elements and their properties.


We create a paper copy of our new periodic table and used colors to separate each type of element. Our periodic table is in alphabetical order and it is arranged in order of kind of element. (Transitional, Alkali Metals, Alkaline Earth Metals, Halogens, Noble Gases)


The process was a challenging but also very eye-opening. Working with a partner is different than working alone and combining our ideas was an interesting process. We ran into several challenges but worked through them together and worked well together. We were understanding and helped each other through the challenges we faced.