Core Competent Canadians

Before this activity, I knew that there were three main categories for core competencies. I knew how to correctly choose a competency that corresponded with my work for core competency reflections.

This activity taught me that there and multiple sub-categories for each main section of core competencies. I learnt that these core competencies can be found in almost everything and can help us learn more about how someone thinks and learns.

My knowledge of core competencies can help me with my school work by reminding me of what the category I am working under and how I can improve my work that I am creating. I can identify how my work will benefit me in the future by identifying which competency category that work falls under.

These core competencies will help me in my personal life because I have learnt to identify problems, analyze them and solve them in a respectful way. I have also learnt the advantages of proper communication with others in my community.