Avoiding Stereotypes in Advertising

Advertising is present everywhere in today’s society and one ad campaign can reach billions of people. Knowing this, it is important that companies avoid using stereotypes or offensive content in their advertisements. There are many measures that the media can take to ensure that offensive ads are not released to the public. Companies need to complete the proper research into the history of the symbols or ideas they wish to use in their ads. Getting feedback from diverse cultural or religious backgrounds would be very beneficial to ensure there is no offensive content present in their ads. Some people may feel uncomfortable with sharing their opinions or ideas on potentially offensive content, so companies could do anonymous feedback surveys to hear the opinions of different backgrounds in the community. Though the ads come from the companies and the media, there are also steps society as a whole can follow to ensure everyone is comfortable with the ads being made. Listening to the concerns of different cultures in our community is important to ensure that ads are not being made using offensive stereotypes or ideas. Everyone should feel comfortable expressing their ideas, opinions or concerns around what they see in the media, so as a society, it is important that no one is belittled or targeted if they express offense to media they are viewing. There are many opportunities for society to include different cultural and religious communities in everyday life. Ensuring companies are hiring from diverse groups in the community is a step in the positive direction for inclusion of ideas from different groups. Though some groups may not be offended by ads they view, it is important that everyone is educated and aware of how some people may be affected differently by stereotypes used in the media today. The 21st century has become a time of inclusion and understanding for all religious and cultural backgrounds and the media needs to ensure they are representing themselves and every community in a positive manner, avoiding the use of historically offensive symbols or ideas.

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Above are some examples of racist/sexist ads that have been released to the public. They all contain offensive stereotypes and ideologies that should never be present in any advertisements in the media.