Novel Study Self-Assessment

You will need to develop a list of questions specific to each section that the group might discuss.

  • Questions should be open-ended and not “yes/no” questions.
  • They cannot have an answer that can be found within the book, as they should incite discussion further than the events in the story
  • Questions will be answered primarily using opinions, but will need to reference parts of the book as proof
  • You should have 3 questions per section -> these will go into the “Book Talk questions” tab


  1. Choose 1 type of connection in your novel (t-s, t-t, or t-w) and explain it. Show clear parallels between specific things from your novel and the connection you’ve made.

Text to World

  • In the book Lakshmi is tricked into prostitution. She did not know that she was going to the “Happiness House” and she was mistreated while she was there. This is still an issue that happens today around the world. A lot of girls are tricked into this work, even in modern societies.


Worldwide, almost 20% of all trafficking victims are children.

From <>

There Are An Estimated 24.9 Million People Trapped In Forced Labor Via Human Trafficking Worldwide

From <>

Victims spend an average of 20 months in forced labor, although this varied with different forms of forced labor.

From <>

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