Mutation Story

Mutation Story


Hi I’m a William syndrome gene, the host I’m going to infect is Brayden. At first It starts out normal, until something goes wrong with the chromosomes. The 7th chromosome is malfunctioning and can’t make additional genetic material near the elastin gene. Because of this Brayden will have some problems, like irregular facial appearance, heart blood problems, low birth- weight, and feeding problems. These may seem like nothing too serious, but in the future, its going to affect him drastically. like not being able to walk properly, learning how to talk, or even using the bathroom. These are all achieved later than what is considered normal. Now it may seem all bad, but its not all that bad, there are some intellectual strengths such as speech, long term memory, and social skills. And some intellectual weaknesses such as fine motor, and spatial relations. Now Brayden must live through all these struggles, but it doesn’t mean his life is over, its just that he has to conquer more obstacles in life to succeed. As Brayden ages the more his syndrome will improve, and will get used to his disability, but he will still need support in-order for him to live a long and happy life. unfortunately, he still has problems with relationships due to his disability. In the end, Brayden lived a good life knowing that no matter what gets in your way, there is always a solution.



Making of Mutation story


Ask: What is William syndrome? What are the side effects of William syndrome? Is it possible to live a normal life with William syndrome? These are all the questions I asked when making this story cause it helps the reader understand what William syndrome is and how serious it is.


Acquire: Sources


Analyze: I think I answered my questions, answering all questions accurately. The information I researched helped answer these questions and gave me all facts needed in-order to make this story, I gave all my sources and made sure the story made sense.


Assess:  I think I did fairly well on expressing a story on what its like to have William syndrome and the daily struggles you encounter at a daily basis, I feel I could have put a little more information and detail on the life with William syndrome. I could have looked on more sources to research on but all things aside, I feel I did a pretty good job on making this story and describing what its like to have William syndrome.