Silent Film Narrative Assignment

Title: Pip

Pip, a young little pup

applies to Canine University to learn the ways of being a guide dog

however, the journey is not so easy as it seems

for that little pip may experience some issues along the way

his small stature being the big one of them all


Pip’s first-hand experiences aren’t the brightest

while tasks seem simple for the other trainees’

little pip struggles with even the simplest of tasks


little pip seems discouraged

whilst everyone else is having no problem with their lessons

little pip seems to get everything wrong

however, that won’t stop him from trying


instead of going with the norm, pip decides to do things his way

and things start lighting up for little pip

though it’s short-lived

one mess up and it’s all over for little pip


pip now sadden by disappointment

believes that maybe he’s not fit to be a guide dog

as he drags himself off the academy

that is until he sees someone who is in need of help


Pip rushes towards the blinded individual

helping her guide her way back to safety

his heroic act will not go unnoticed

as he is gladly reaccepted into the academy

with open arms and a sense of accomplishment

Ethics of care questions

  1. How do you personally define an ethic of care?
  2. What would be needed to create an ethic of care?
  3. What would we have to believe about the environment to care for it? How should we see it?
  4. How would we act if we cared about the environment? – give scenarios
  5. What would be different about the world if everyone adopted this ethic of care towards the environment? Benefits and drawbacks?
  6. Should we adopt an ethic of care towards the environment?


  1. An ethic that goes beyond justice and the code of conduct 
  2. An understanding of what seems like the more sensible option in a situation 
  3. How the environment help benefits us and how nature is also live creatures just like us.
  4. We would used different more eco friendly power sources/fuels. 
  5. The world would be in a better state than it is now, pollution would be at its lowest, people wouldn’t litter/dump garbage, we would use more eco friendly fuel sources.
  6. I believe it would greatly benefit the environment and it’s state of condition.

Blog Post #2: Article – How to be more Resilient

The author of this article talks about the mental Resilience and whether its something were born with, or something we acquire later in life. His article then goes to talk about how brain activity has a part in mental resilience; how high levels of functionality in the central executive network in the brain can lead to better cardiac and metabolic health than those with low levels of activity. After reading this article, it made me wonder what actions i should take in-order to live a better and happier life, and though not all my actions will guarantee happiness or more resilience, I should still have an open mind rather than try to exclude myself from new things.

What Darwin Never Knew

Charles Darwin was a Geologist and biologist best known for his contributions on the study of evolution. He published his theory of evolution in 1859 on the “Origin of species”. Though Darwin had an idea of what the first species were, he still had the question about “how evolution takes place”. He didn’t know how physical forces affected species forcing them to adapt and change their appearance. After the discovery of DNA, those questions have been answered.

Darwin proposed the theory that “Natural selection” was the cause of change of specific traits on species. He believed that as time goes by, organisms change. This either results a physical, heritable, or behavior change. He also believed that as an organism starts to adapt to its new environment, its chances of survival increase.

One example in the documentary include the comparison between humans and chimpanzees genetic code. Scientists have discovered that there is only a 1% difference in the DNA of chimpanzee and humans. The differences are cause by “Switches” in genes. This shows how small of change in genes can cause a massive difference in traits.

The discovery of DNA allows researchers to use it as a solid foundation to understand more on evolution, causing researcher to look more into genetics. DNA has answered questions that couldn’t be answered, like where we come from, and what makes us different from other species. There is still much more to discover in this world, and DNA is our first step to that path.

Image result for human evolution

6 Kingdoms Assignment


Image result for Archaebacteria – Methanogen

Methanogen are marble like shaped organisms That usually live in hot, acidic environments for example sulfur hot springs. These organisms do not require oxygen in-order to live, however they cannot survive in temperatures as low as 55 degrees Celsius.

Image result for Archaebacteria halophiles – Halophiles

Halophiles are cylinder like shaped organisms that usually thrive in very salted environments, usually in evaporated ponds or salt lakes such as the Great Salt Lake, Owens lake, or dead sea.


Image result for cocci – Cocci

Cocci are grape shaped organisms and are usually found in clusters, similar to actual grape vines. These organisms are known to cause skin infections and sometimes pneumonia, endocarditis, and osteomyelitis.

Related image – Streptococci

Streptococci are similar in shape and pattern as cocci. These organisms are known to cause Strep Throat and Scarlet Fever. Though it does seem deadly, this organism is rather uncommon to encounter.


Image result for protist – Amoeba

Amoeba are blobbed shaped organisms though not all amoeba organisms are blobbed shaped. These organisms are usually found in lakes, ponds, streams, and puddles. They move by using whats called pseudopods. Pseudopods are used to capture prey.—amoeba.html

Image result for protist flagella – Anisonema

Anisonema are oval shaped organisms have have a unique way of travel. This organism uses whats known as a flagella, this is how the organism is able to move around.


Image result for amethyst deceiver – Amethyst Deceiver

The amethyst deceiver are fungi with an amethyst tint to it. These fungi are usually found under beech trees, and are also able to form mycorrhizal associations with certain other broadleaf and coniferous trees.

Image result for Pilobolus crystallinus fungi – Pilobolus crystallinus

The pilobolus crystallinus are fungi that look more like tear drops than actual fungi. These fungi usually live underneath the surface.


Related image – Tuffled deer

Tufted deer are mainly found in China’s high hills and mountains. In captivity, they can live to be about 15 years old, although no one is really sure how long they live in the wild.

Related image – Jaglion

The jaglion is a cross breed of a male jaguar and a female lion. I confess to say that until today I had not heard of them perhaps partly because I dislike this sort of breeding; creating exotic wild cats to titillate the viewing public.

Jaglion – a lion, jaguar hybrid


Image result for echinops – Enchinops

Enchinops have spiny foliage that is often grayish-green and woolly. The plants do well in a wide range of garden sites, from a wild garden to a cottage garden. The flowers are suitable for fresh cutting or drying.

Related image – Paphiopedilum

Paphiopedilum, often called the Venus slipper, is a genus of the lady slipper orchid subfamily Cypripedioideae of the flowering plant family Orchidaceae. The genus comprises some 80 accepted taxa including several natural hybrids.

Paphiopedilum Orchid Care

Life is about Experiences – Brad

Last Summer, I had the opportunity to go to a convention. An anime convention. This was my first time ever going to a convention so I was kind of nervous what kind of things id see at a convention. The convention took place at the Vancouver Convention Centre, for 3 days, from Friday to Sunday. The whole reason I went was because a friend invited me to come with him.

The day before the convention starts, we pick up our passes. Me and my friend had to take the sky train, from coquitlam station to down town just to get there! When we got there, you could see a line of people so long, it was like the line up for the next hit concert! I thought it would take forever just to get our passes. My feet ached from standing in a line for who knows how long. The bright orange sun staring right at us, it felt like you were in an outdoor sauna, I thought I was going to dry up like a prune. Half way through the line up, we met up with a few other guys also getting their passes. We discussed what we were going to do at the convention. Once we finally got to the pass pickup booth, we left the convention centre and had lunch with my friend and with the same guys we met in the line up. The next day the convention centre opens, we go to see the opening ceremony. In there, we see the many other people who also attended to this convention. During the opening ceremony, the intro music was so loud, I thought I was in a dubstep concert. Once the opening ceremony was done, we went to eat lunch at the maid café. While there, we had to wait about 2 hours just to get in there. I was so bored out of my life! it was noon by the time we ate lunch. We then headed to the vendor hall downstairs of the convention. In there, was another huge crown of people. The vendors sold a bunch of merchandise from different kinds of anime’s. we spent the rest of the day in the vendor hall cause there really isn’t much to do on the first day of the convention. Second day comes around, were waiting for the vendor hall to open cause all the good events happen in the afternoon. We waited for about an hour or so, my ankles were getting sore from standing for so long, plus from all that walking yesterday doesn’t make it any better. I felt like I’ve been walking for hours, which I did the day before. Eventually we got in and hung out there for about 2 hours. After that we went to go see the cosplayers cause one of our friends wanted to take pictures and we had nothing else to do so we went. Noon comes around and we go eat at the maid café again, I was so hungry I could eat a cow. once we ate we chat for the rest of the day and left. Last day and the last day to buy merchandise from the vendor hall. Because of that, the vendor hall was so packed it looked like it was black Friday, but we managed to squeeze in. we spent most of our time in the vendor hall, buying what we needed from the convention. My friend went to the autograph booth to get an autograph for a friend, the line was so long it looked like the line up to the roller coaster ride in PNE. He some how got the autograph which I was surprised he did. Getting what we got, we left the vendor hall, spending almost the whole day in there. For the rest of the time we had we had lunch in the food court, chat for a little, and said our goodbyes to each other.

In conclusion, I thought the experience was “interesting” in a way. But overall it was quiet fun, especially for my first time at a convention. I’m somewhat glad I went cause if I didn’t, my summer would be a whole lot less interesting and boring. But I will say this, if you ever plan to go an event of some sort, be prepared to wait for hours cause the line up are unbearable!

Inventor Project

These are the inventor projects that we made to get used to the program.

these are my sketches i made for my project, i chose the second sketch because it had a nice concept so i expanded on the idea to make it more interesting.

this is my orthographic projection of my crystal project.

this is what my final project looks like. Personally I thought i could do a little more and be more creative but that would take more time.

DNA Extraction Lab


On Monday we did a lab experiment on fruit to found out more about how DNA works. what we used was a strawberry, a banana, soap, salt, water and ethanol/rubbing alcohol.


we started off by putting the strawberry/banana in a Ziploc bags separately, adding salt and soap and water to the bag in each one. we then mushed the contents together till it turned into a mush. we then let it sit for 5 minutes. once 5 minutes passed we added 1/2 of the contents into a test tub separately. finally we added the ethanol, which made it possible to extract the DNA.

What I learned

What I learned was that every organism has different DNA, the banana DNA flout to the surface while the strawberry DNA stuck to the bottom. it maybe because I put more of the banana than the strawberry, but I’m sure that every organism has different DNA.

Why this was important

This lab is important because we get to see what DNA looks like and we got to extract it. personally I thought you would need a microscope in order to see DNA, but that’s not the case cause we got to see DNA without a microscope.