Year end reflection

  1. what I learned in this course is how to describe a certain part of a book like im describing it to someone who has no clue what the book is about. another thing i learned in this course was how to use grammar and how to spot the mistakes of punctuation. lastly, what i learned from this course is when doing a spoken word, you must be sure everything makes sense.
  2. my fondest memory was when we presented our speeches and to see who did the best.
  3. a tip i would give myself next year is to focus more during class and give myself more effort when doing assignments or projects.

Life of an atom Short Stories

Carbon Cycle

Hi, my name is Ceto, and I’m a carbon atom. you may see me hanging around the earth’s atmosphere most of the time, in the atmosphere, I’m called carbon dioxide. soon enough ill get absorbed by what we call producers, or plants. once the plants absorb us, they use us for photosynthesis by using the carbohydrates within us. the sun’s energy is then used to feed the plants. once the plant has gained enough carbon, they’ll get eaten by the animals. and thus the cycle continues.

Nitrogen Cycle

Greeting, my name is Nigel, I am a nitrogen atom. I am usually in the atmosphere with the rest of the nitrogen atoms. since I am currently in my Gaseous Form, I will not be used by the living organisms on earth. in-order for me to be of use, I must go through a cycle, where I am brought by bacteria from the atmosphere to earth where I will be given to plants for them to consume. once that phase has occurred, the plants will be eaten by the animals, the animals will then dispose of me through feces or other waste products.  Then I will be brought back to the soil and atmosphere, thus the cycle repeats itself.

Phosphorous Cycle

Hello, my name is Phil, and I am a phosphorous atom. I’m nowhere located in the atmosphere but located at the bottom of the sea, during my time in the sea, I am hardening and turning into a rock, but not just any rock, but a phosphate rock. in time I will then be uplifted to the surface of the of the sea, when I am a phosphate rock, I will erode and then be released from the rock and through the soil or streams, if I am in my soil form, I will be brought to the plants, but if I am in my water form, I will go into the ocean back to where I started, and the whole cycle restarts.

Mutation Story

Mutation Story


Hi I’m a William syndrome gene, the host I’m going to infect is Brayden. At first It starts out normal, until something goes wrong with the chromosomes. The 7th chromosome is malfunctioning and can’t make additional genetic material near the elastin gene. Because of this Brayden will have some problems, like irregular facial appearance, heart blood problems, low birth- weight, and feeding problems. These may seem like nothing too serious, but in the future, its going to affect him drastically. like not being able to walk properly, learning how to talk, or even using the bathroom. These are all achieved later than what is considered normal. Now it may seem all bad, but its not all that bad, there are some intellectual strengths such as speech, long term memory, and social skills. And some intellectual weaknesses such as fine motor, and spatial relations. Now Brayden must live through all these struggles, but it doesn’t mean his life is over, its just that he has to conquer more obstacles in life to succeed. As Brayden ages the more his syndrome will improve, and will get used to his disability, but he will still need support in-order for him to live a long and happy life. unfortunately, he still has problems with relationships due to his disability. In the end, Brayden lived a good life knowing that no matter what gets in your way, there is always a solution.



Making of Mutation story


Ask: What is William syndrome? What are the side effects of William syndrome? Is it possible to live a normal life with William syndrome? These are all the questions I asked when making this story cause it helps the reader understand what William syndrome is and how serious it is.


Acquire: Sources


Analyze: I think I answered my questions, answering all questions accurately. The information I researched helped answer these questions and gave me all facts needed in-order to make this story, I gave all my sources and made sure the story made sense.


Assess:  I think I did fairly well on expressing a story on what its like to have William syndrome and the daily struggles you encounter at a daily basis, I feel I could have put a little more information and detail on the life with William syndrome. I could have looked on more sources to research on but all things aside, I feel I did a pretty good job on making this story and describing what its like to have William syndrome.


DNA Extraction Lab


On Monday we did a lab experiment on fruit to found out more about how DNA works. what we used was a strawberry, a banana, soap, salt, water and ethanol/rubbing alcohol.


we started off by putting the strawberry/banana in a Ziploc bags separately, adding salt and soap and water to the bag in each one. we then mushed the contents together till it turned into a mush. we then let it sit for 5 minutes. once 5 minutes passed we added 1/2 of the contents into a test tub separately. finally we added the ethanol, which made it possible to extract the DNA.

What I learned

What I learned was that every organism has different DNA, the banana DNA flout to the surface while the strawberry DNA stuck to the bottom. it maybe because I put more of the banana than the strawberry, but I’m sure that every organism has different DNA.

Why this was important

This lab is important because we get to see what DNA looks like and we got to extract it. personally I thought you would need a microscope in order to see DNA, but that’s not the case cause we got to see DNA without a microscope.