Racism then and now Paragraph

Racism has been a thing since the 19th century, and is still a major topic that people make opinions of. Racism was the belief of discrimination of other “races” and they believed that the human population must be separated into certain “races”. In the 19th century, racism was at its worst. Blacks were discriminated for their appearance and were seen as “the imperfect race”. it was so bad to the point where Blacks were discriminated so badly they were given their own separate schools to attend, and separate ways of transportation. Whites were believed as the “superior  race” and made damn sure that the Blacks knew that. Racism now is more controlled and relaxed, though it is still a problem today, its not something we should be majorly concerned. All races are treated equally, for their appearance, and disabilities. All races are given equal opportunities towards getting jobs, and education. And all races are given the right be whatever they want.

Character Sketch – Brad

In the story “Sam the athlete” Sam is a courageous yet introverted middle school kid who wants to be an athlete. He wants to find a sport that he can enjoy and be good at, but the problem is he’s not that good when it comes to sports.

Sam isn’t the best at sports, in fact, he one of the worst of the all. Sam wants to become an athlete cause in school, being the athletic person means being the most popular. The only sport Sam can enjoy and be somewhat decent at it was hockey. The problem was he never could master stopping on skates.

When Sam joined the field hockey team, it was the first time he was ever welcomed to a team. Since Sam never talked to anyone in his school, he’s shy towards others so he never gets to interact with anyone. The field hockey team gives him a chance to socialize.

Most sports Sam tries, he ends up being too rough with the other students. He doesn’t mean to do it, its just that he takes things too far. His teacher even states that he may have anger issues because of his reckless act. When he’s just trying to take sports seriously.

In conclusion, Sam wants to become an athlete but because of his personality traits, it make it harder for him to find what sport suits him and also whether he’ll enjoy the sport or not.

Life is about Experiences – Brad

Last Summer, I had the opportunity to go to a convention. An anime convention. This was my first time ever going to a convention so I was kind of nervous what kind of things id see at a convention. The convention took place at the Vancouver Convention Centre, for 3 days, from Friday to Sunday. The whole reason I went was because a friend invited me to come with him.

The day before the convention starts, we pick up our passes. Me and my friend had to take the sky train, from coquitlam station to down town just to get there! When we got there, you could see a line of people so long, it was like the line up for the next hit concert! I thought it would take forever just to get our passes. My feet ached from standing in a line for who knows how long. The bright orange sun staring right at us, it felt like you were in an outdoor sauna, I thought I was going to dry up like a prune. Half way through the line up, we met up with a few other guys also getting their passes. We discussed what we were going to do at the convention. Once we finally got to the pass pickup booth, we left the convention centre and had lunch with my friend and with the same guys we met in the line up. The next day the convention centre opens, we go to see the opening ceremony. In there, we see the many other people who also attended to this convention. During the opening ceremony, the intro music was so loud, I thought I was in a dubstep concert. Once the opening ceremony was done, we went to eat lunch at the maid café. While there, we had to wait about 2 hours just to get in there. I was so bored out of my life! it was noon by the time we ate lunch. We then headed to the vendor hall downstairs of the convention. In there, was another huge crown of people. The vendors sold a bunch of merchandise from different kinds of anime’s. we spent the rest of the day in the vendor hall cause there really isn’t much to do on the first day of the convention. Second day comes around, were waiting for the vendor hall to open cause all the good events happen in the afternoon. We waited for about an hour or so, my ankles were getting sore from standing for so long, plus from all that walking yesterday doesn’t make it any better. I felt like I’ve been walking for hours, which I did the day before. Eventually we got in and hung out there for about 2 hours. After that we went to go see the cosplayers cause one of our friends wanted to take pictures and we had nothing else to do so we went. Noon comes around and we go eat at the maid café again, I was so hungry I could eat a cow. once we ate we chat for the rest of the day and left. Last day and the last day to buy merchandise from the vendor hall. Because of that, the vendor hall was so packed it looked like it was black Friday, but we managed to squeeze in. we spent most of our time in the vendor hall, buying what we needed from the convention. My friend went to the autograph booth to get an autograph for a friend, the line was so long it looked like the line up to the roller coaster ride in PNE. He some how got the autograph which I was surprised he did. Getting what we got, we left the vendor hall, spending almost the whole day in there. For the rest of the time we had we had lunch in the food court, chat for a little, and said our goodbyes to each other.

In conclusion, I thought the experience was “interesting” in a way. But overall it was quiet fun, especially for my first time at a convention. I’m somewhat glad I went cause if I didn’t, my summer would be a whole lot less interesting and boring. But I will say this, if you ever plan to go an event of some sort, be prepared to wait for hours cause the line up are unbearable!