Ethics of care questions

  1. How do you personally define an ethic of care?
  2. What would be needed to create an ethic of care?
  3. What would we have to believe about the environment to care for it? How should we see it?
  4. How would we act if we cared about the environment? – give scenarios
  5. What would be different about the world if everyone adopted this ethic of care towards the environment? Benefits and drawbacks?
  6. Should we adopt an ethic of care towards the environment?


  1. An ethic that goes beyond justice and the code of conduct 
  2. An understanding of what seems like the more sensible option in a situation 
  3. How the environment help benefits us and how nature is also live creatures just like us.
  4. We would used different more eco friendly power sources/fuels. 
  5. The world would be in a better state than it is now, pollution would be at its lowest, people wouldn’t litter/dump garbage, we would use more eco friendly fuel sources.
  6. I believe it would greatly benefit the environment and it’s state of condition.

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