Rube Goldberg Project


Steps of machine:

Step A. The phone is called then vibrates down the binder hitting the dominoes. (The phone vibrating would be mechanical energy and it moving down would be the result of gravitational energy too. (The dominoes are moving based on mechanical energy. Mechanical/Gravitational to mechanical.)
Step B. The dominoes go up the stairs and knock a car that is on the top sloped surface. (Both mechanical)
Step C. The car goes down and is attached to a string. (Gravitational) As it travels down it pulls a piece of cardboard releasing and marble. (Mechanical)
Step D. The marble rolls down the sloped surface going down a maze like path. (Gravitational) The path leads to a pipe and the edge of the table. (Gravitational)
Step E. The marble goes down the tube hitting a ruler that is positioned like a teeter-totter. (Gravitational to Mechanical)
Step F. The ruler then hits the space bar and the computer turns on. (Mechanical to mechanical)


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