Traits/Making a child

Traits and Picture:

Our child is a boy that has fine eyebrows, present widows peak, light blue eyes, short eyelashes, ear pits, and a small nose. Our child also has a round head, cleft chin, wavy hair, and white skin.



a. How does the coin flip relate to the probability of inheriting genetic conditions? 

The coin flip gives the chances of inheriting genetic conditions 50%

b. How does this simulation accurately represent or not represent real life? 

It does not accurately represent real life because inheriting genetic conditions is not always 50% and it also depends on many factors. It is realistic in a sense that a lot of the things can occur randomly through recessive genes.

c. Did you identify any prejudices you might have about what traits you find “desirable”? Where do you think these prejudices come from? 

I did find that I didn’t want my child to have a uni-brow and I also preferred to have unattached earlobes. I think that I didn’t want a uni-brow because it is more odd and most people don’t have them or have to find ways to get rid of it. For the earlobes I think it comes from the fact that all the people in my family have unattached earlobes

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