SSEP Reflection


We have been assigned to create an experiment that can be conducted in space

a. What is micro-gravity?

Micro Gravity is where you feel weightlessness but you are actually falling toward the planet in an arc but going fast enough to miss it. This causes people to be able to swim around in space as if they were skydiving.

b. What are the control groups and experimental groups?

The control group is made up of the students and the experimental group are the astronauts doing the experiment. Control groups and experimental groups are very good because the control group cannot rig the results.

c. What are ways to have our experiment to win out?

A good way to have our experiment win is if it will help future spaceflights, and is something we don’t already know the answer to.

2) Dream possibilities for the experiment.

At first we had a hard time deciding on what to do but then we decided on sending a cacoon into space but soon realized that buying one would be a challenge. Then we decided on a how a nail rusts in space. Our first idea was an egg in space but an egg would not fit inside the test tube, I still think this idea was one of the best.

Early brainstorm:


3) Document:

During the first week of school we learned about the SSEP program and during this week we started brainstorming. After the first week we worked on the CBL #1. After this we went to a workshop and collaborated with SFU. The came the proposal and I think we did a great job doing the proposal.

This is another school’s SSEP experience


The first thing we did was brainstorm basic ideas. After this we researched different experiments that have won in the past. I researched the worms in space and how they could be used to decompose old food. I feel we did a very good job on the whole CBL project.


Then we had to form our SSEP groups, I decided to go with my friends and a friend from last year in school. We brainstormed so many ideas, like breaking glass in space or hatching an egg. In the end we realized that these ideas would not work because our materials need to fit inside a small tube. In the end we went with the corrosion of an iron nail when in sulphuric acid in microgravity.



Next we wrote our proposal and this process was challenging. It was like one day passed and it was all of a sudden due the next day. We did our best to explain why having an iron nail tested in space would help us in the future but we had trouble doing this, we really could have done a better job on the proposal.

5) Debrief

Overall I feel this project was a very interesting and unique experience and I loved working with my group. I did feel that we didn’t do the best we could but we also had a tight time frame so that is fine. I was really happy Mr. Robinson signed us up for the SSEP contest and I would definitely do it again.Image result for ISS




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