About Me

                                         All About me

I started school at Hazel Trembath elementary. I loved to play soccer, it was my favorite sport and I played defense a lot of the time. Soon I went to citadel middle school and around grade six was when I got my growth spirt. I was 5’6 and by grade 8 I was 6’2. In grade 6 my love for soccer changed and in grade 7 I played ona basketball team for the first time and I quit soccer. My height also helped me in basketball and I towered over people. Grade 8 was my second year playing and my love for basketball has gone to a whole new level.


“Started from the bottom, now I’m up here”.

From being a little kid in middle school I became a 6’3.5″ man in high school. I might still be growing

My Hobbies

As you can tell my favorite sport is basketball. I like it so much because everyone gets to touch the ball, score, and there is also a lot of teamwork to basketball. I enjoy playing video games, I like a huge variety of games it does not really matter what game.

Lebron James is the best NBA player to exist. Soon I hope to be able to dunk like him.


This video is one of the funniest videos I have ever seen before. It brings the meme out of me.

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