Reflection #5: The End of WWII

Choose ONE of the following to video record a discussion with a household member about (post video to your blog):

  1. (Perspective/Ethical Judgement) Do some research about the arguments for and against using the atomic bomb on Hiroshima. Ask a household member if they think the use of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima was justified. Whatever they raise as their point of view, raise the counterpoints you’ve found. Record your discussion and post to your blog.
  2. (Perspective/Ethical Judgement) Do some research about how a war crime is defined (look at 2a, 2b i-x, xv-xx). With a household member, go through each war crimes definition and discuss whether or not America is guilty of this in using the atomic bomb. Come to a consensus on whether America should be considered guilty of a war crime in using the atomic bomb?

*to post your video, either save it to your OneDrive and post a shared link on your blog, or upload to your MS Stream and post a shared link on your blog.

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