Reflection #2: The Homefront

Choose ONE of the following to complete:

1. (Ethical Judgement) Reflection:

    • Was it right for Canada to have interned “Enemy Aliens” in Canada during WWII? If Canada were at war with another country today, should we expect the same treatment towards citizens of that country’s heritage? Explain your reasoning.

Helpful Sources:

2. (Significance) Virtual Tour:

    • Open up The Lower Mainland in WWII
    • Take a look at the maps on slides 3 & 4. With someone in your household, click on the red dots to see what was happening at those locations during WWII. Use the red arrows on the slide to navigate through. Explain to your household member why we are seeing these things happening in the Lower Mainland.
    • Write a reflection on what you thought of your tour.

3. (Ethical Judgement) Reflection:

    • Watch Canada’s Apology to Japanese Canadians
    • Was the 1988 apology for interning Japanese Canadians necessary? Is the redress of $20,000 to survivors adequate? Explain why or why not.
    • If Canada apologized for the treatment of Japanese Canadians in WWII, what other identifiable groups does Canada owe an apology to and why?

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