What Should Be?

The Future of PoCo

This project will be done in groups of NO MORE than 3. You may work on your own if you wish. A city counselor or the mayor may be sitting in to watch your presentations!

  1. Choose one of the following local topics. Make sure that it is an issue you care/ feel strongly about.
    • Population growth
    • Poverty
    • Environment
  2. WHAT IS? Research/observe the current situation in PoCo. Assess the positives and the negatives of the current situation in regards to your vision of what should be.
  3. WHAT COULD BE? Speculate on the possible future scenarios if the trends continue.
  4. WHAT SHOULD BE? What needs to be done to the city to create your vision of “what should be”? Explain how the city will benefit because of your recommendation.



Population growth

  1. Research Statcan to see how fast population is growing:
  2. If it’s growing too quickly, what are the possible scenarios that may occur? (eg: schools? parks and rec? waste?)
    1. Research school capacities and whether or not it can accommodate the number of students
    2. Suggest the size of school and justification of location based on population demographics

Poverty/Standard of Living

  1. Research Statcan and GVRD Real Estate Board to see if incomes can support the increase in housing prices
  2. What are the possible scenarios if the trend continues?
  3. Suggest a size, type and location of development to accommodate the population increase based on the demographic data and maps.


  1. Research commuting stats from Statcan and observe traffic/public transit usage and availability.
  2. What are the possible outcomes of too much congestion? (eg: idle time?)
    1. Research how much CO2 is released while idling
  3. Suggest a new transit plan with locations and infrastructure that would ease congestion (may need to research where people are trying to get to).



Not Yet Meeting Minimally Meets Meets Exceeds


(population pyramid, dependency ratio, growth rate, density/ distribution, poverty, standard of living, climate change, freshwater)

-no research to base future proposal off of

-future proposal has no base in observations or research

-future proposal is irrelevant

-research/ observations are minimal

-future proposal is loosely connected to research

-future proposal is too generic or too impractical

-well documented research/observations

-clear justification for future proposal

-well thought out future proposal

-considers multiple sources of data to describe current state

-clear justification of future proposal directly connected to research

-future proposal is thoroughly thought out and is practical





Clarity of communication




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