Essay #1

Use Word to write your answer to the Essay #1 question: To what extent did the Rebellion of 1837 achieve responsible government for Upper and Lower Canada?

Create your essay:

  1. Come up with a thesis – should be a one sentence statement that answers the essay question.
  2. Introductory paragraph – state your thesis & explain the causes of the Rebellion of 1837 (Part 1)
  3. Body paragraphs – for each consequence (Part 2a-c), create a paragraph that defines the consequence, then explain how much responsible government is given because of the consequence (justify your assessment).
  4. Concluding paragraph – restate your thesis, summarize your assessment of each body paragraph, and state why the Rebellion of 1837 is important to Canadians today.

Hand-in Instructions:

  1. Upload your Word file to a Dropbox account
  2. In Dropbox, click on the “share” button next to your essay file
  3. Share the file with
  4. Must be shared before the end of the block

*Essay will not be marked if the hand-in instructions are not followed!

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