competency reflection

A lab I did that really made me like foods class was  California rolls. This lab was fun and interesting, it gave everyone a chance to make there own sushi. Ive made sushi in the past and it still remains one of my favourite things to create since there is not many rules to making it. You can add just about anything to a sushi roll and its simple to do at home. Sushi is fun to make since you can make all sorts of different rolls from home, all you need is sticky rice and a sushi rolling made and some seaweed, then you can put anything you want inside. Making these sushi rolls required me to communicate and help out Gen since it was her first time. While I was making the sushi I was thinking of all the things I could put inside the roll to make it better or more interesting. And of course I also had a responsibility of making my own and helping out my partner. Overall I think the lab went good and I will defiantly be making sushi at home are often.

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