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Math 10- Week 4

This week we learned how to answer trigonometry questions that didn’t involve right triangles. At first glance this looked very confusing and hard but has a simply solution. All i had to do was cut the triangle so that i… Continue Reading →

Math 10-Week 3

This week in math we started our trigonometry unit. When we started I was overwhelmed with all the labeling and ratios but, I learned an abbreviation to make things easier to remember all of the ratios and what order to… Continue Reading →

Week 2- Math 10

Negative exponents Negative exponents were a completely new concept to me so, when i was first given a problem with a negative exponent I was very confused and soon found out I got the completely wrong answer. Once I was… Continue Reading →

Math 10- Week 1

How to find the greatest common factor between two numbers: Step one: use division tables to divide the two numbers to one Step two: use the numbers used to divide the two numbers in a expression Step three: pair like… Continue Reading →

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