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The National Assembly and Tennis Court Oath

THE THIRD ESTATE REBELS AFTER BEING DENIED MORE POWER June 20th 1989, today not only marks a new day but a new milestone for us as the third estate. We met at our usual hall at Versailles for our regular… Continue Reading →

The Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen

HOPE FOR EQUALITY FOR THE FRENCH PEOPLE! August 26th, 1789 the last article for the Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen was adopted by us as the third estate and the National Assembly. The Declaration of The… Continue Reading →

The Estates Genral

THE LAST MEETING?! The Estates General is our representative assembly in France for the three estates, the two privileged minorities: The clergy and the nobility and the third estate which represents the majority of the French people. After not having… Continue Reading →

1793 Deaths of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette

French King and Queen Both Executed! Whats Next for Our Government? January 21 1793, it seemed as if all of Paris was there, gathered in the Place de la Revolution (Revolution Square) it was cold and wet, we waited to watch our king… Continue Reading →

Reign of Terror

REIGN OF TERROR IS FINALLY OVER?! Since the storming of Bastille four years ago in 1789 the government has been in a constant state of change with France being attacked by foreign countries on all sides and civil war in… Continue Reading →

March on Versailles

WOMEN GROUP TOGETHER AND MARCH ON VERSAILLES FOR BREAD! The prices of bread continue to go up. I go to the market everyday to buy bread for my family only to see that there is little left and costs too… Continue Reading →

Rise of Political Clubs

WHICH POLITICAL CLUB WILL YOU JOIN? Political clubs are becoming more and more popular as they are like other social gatherings but are currently evolving into something more. Like-minded people gather to discuss political matters and current issues we are… Continue Reading →

The Fall of Bastille

ATTACK ON BASTILLE! WHATS NEXT FOR OUR FORTRESS? July 14th, 1789 A mob broke down the gates of our ancient fortress and royal prison Bastille.  Bastille serves as our royal armoury and prison on the East side of Paris and… Continue Reading →

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