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Science 9

Plastic Straws in Vancouver

Sickled Cell Anemia

Monocyte Research

I am a monocyte, I am found in the bloodstream and am the biggest white blood cell in the immune system. I have a kidney bean shaped nucleus and a condensed chromatin. I protect the host from bacteria, viruses and… Continue Reading →

Electricity in Medicine

Collab Fluency

  In this experiment we charged materials like straws, plastic spoons and metal rods against fabrics like fur, cotton, silk etc Execute: Examine: during our experiment we noticed that ebonite charged with wool had a strong repel reaction and so… Continue Reading →

Solution Fluency

I investigated if more expensive laundry detergent was better at removing stains then a cheaper one or any detergent at all. I tested if Woolite detergent was the same, better or worse then tide detergent at taking out a fresh… Continue Reading →

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