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English 9

Secret Path Infographic

Characterization Paragraph

Characterization paragraph In the short story The Friday that everything changed the character, Miss Ralston is a round character. Characteristics that Miss Ralston portrays is that she is courageous for instance “she’d grabbed the bat from Irving Snell….” And went… Continue Reading →

Graphic Comic

All summer in a Day Questions

All Summer in A Day Questions 1. After seeing the sun and running around playing together, they realize that it was an amazing experience one they had waited seven years for and will have to wait seven years for again…. Continue Reading →

Veldt Questions

The Veldt Comprehension questions 1. The family as a whole have been affected by technology, the kids have learned to rely on it for every little thing and have been spoiled since they bought the house. The parents feel as… Continue Reading →

The Sea Devil

The Sea Devil 1. The man liked to fish at night because he liked the loneliness and the labor of it. If it were to be day he would have been more likely to see the Ray and have not… Continue Reading →

A Mountain Journey Quotes

  “His heart thumped and hissed” pg.92 “A beggared moon from behind a grey rack of clouds” pg 95 “the world was growing small, dying slowly in the darkness of the sunlight’ pg 98 “Breath had hung stubby icicles on… Continue Reading →

A Mountain Journey Questions

A Mountain Journey 1. Dave Conroy was on Hoodoo check, in the wilderness because he was a trapper and bringing fifty pounds of fur for the market, which had taken him six weeks. 2. The reader knew Dave Conroy. Was… Continue Reading →

Friday Questions

The Friday Everything Change   Comprehension 1. The boys are upset of the idea of the girls carrying the bucket it is taking away one of their “ privileges.” The boys have something the girls don’t and they like that… Continue Reading →

About me-Asia Cornelius

About me                    New house, new friends, leaving the only school I’ve ever known, moving. My family and I lived in New Westminster, a pretty busy place where a lot of community… Continue Reading →

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