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Grade 9

Plastic Straws in Vancouver

Top 5 Things I learned in Math 9

The 5 most important things I learned in math 9 would be addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of rational numbers. Adding and subtracting with polynomials. Linear equations , linear inequalities algebraically and graphically and proportion. Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division… Continue Reading →

What I have learned about grade 9 similarity

Enlargements and reductions When the dimensions of an object (length, width, height etc) of an object are changed by multiplying by a scale factor. This can be in 2D or 3D objects. Object must stay proportional to each other. Angles… Continue Reading →

Measuring Indirectly using similar triangles

I wanted to measure the height of my trampoline using similar triangles and a mirror. The distance between the mirror and I was 2ft and the distance between the trampoline and the mirror was 6ft. Next I measured my height… Continue Reading →

Sickled Cell Anemia

Monocyte Research

I am a monocyte, I am found in the bloodstream and am the biggest white blood cell in the immune system. I have a kidney bean shaped nucleus and a condensed chromatin. I protect the host from bacteria, viruses and… Continue Reading →

Desmos Enlargements and Reductions

These are the numbers I started with to get my 6 point shape. To reduce my shape by the scale factor of .3 I divided each one of my numbers from the original chart by 3 to get these numbers:… Continue Reading →

What I Have Learned About Grade 9 Inequalities

Inequalities   A linear inequalities is almost the same as a linear equation except the = is replace with a <,>,≥ ,≤ To solve a linear inequality you first have to make zero pairs on either sides of the inequality… Continue Reading →

Electricity in Medicine

The National Assembly and Tennis Court Oath

THE THIRD ESTATE REBELS AFTER BEING DENIED MORE POWER June 20th 1989, today not only marks a new day but a new milestone for us as the third estate. We met at our usual hall at Versailles for our regular… Continue Reading →

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