By: Asia Cornelius

On another lonely road to tomorrow,

My meaning has no path to follow.

This world has no place for me.

Do I have a destiny?

This worthless life I’m living,

I can never quite seem fit in.

One in seven billion.

Significance is lost.

But maybe our paths will cross,

And maybe purpose will arise,

Giving me a chance

to be something.



On this lonely road to tomorrow.



People often struggle to figure out their purpose in life and how we can make any change whatsoever to the world. The poem isolated by Asia Cornelius is a sonnet about struggling to find one’s place and purpose in the world. Asia’s poem was inspired by William Shakespeare’s “Tomorrow Tomorrow” speech in Macbeth. Asia’s poem also shares a common theme as the short story “The Snob” by Morley Callaghan. In this story the protagonist struggles to find his place in the world due to society’s standards. The meaning of Macbeths speech is that life is meaningless and everyday goes by just like the last, Asia’s poem starts off with the same depressing tone as Macbeth’s speech but later turns optimistic. Asia describes the feeling of going on without a purpose as walking on a “lonely road to tomorrow” this metaphor creates clear imagery of someone walking on a continuous empty road which is how she feels as she struggles to find a place for herself as she goes on everyday feeling meaningless. She talks about how what we do is in significant because we are just one person out of the entire world “One in seven billion. Significance is lost”.  The lines “But maybe our paths will cross, and maybe purpose will arise. Giving me a chance to be something” is referring to how we affect others with our presence in this world the same way they affect ours and how we are all someone to somebody which gives us a reason and purpose to be here. This poem helps us to reflect on what impacts we make and can make to the world and those around us.

Last Ride Composition:

The poem Last Ride written by Andrea Holtslander is a lyric poem about the German passenger ship that caught fire and was destroyed in 1936. The title “Last Ride” is an ironic understatement, when I think of the title “Last Ride” I think of something exciting and fun not peoples last moments. Andrea uses words like tragedy and grief-stricken to help describe the tone. Andera includes satire in this poem as she shames the media for broadcasting something so horrendous “And for the benefit of those who missed the live show we will run the fireworks once again.” She also talks about how media will use people’s emotion and pain for views “The spotlight moves to the grief-stricken families and we can have our hearts-strings pulled with 20 million others as we watch their tears fall, LIVE”. After the media has shown us something so often we start to get desensitized to the horror and will lose interest Andrea describes this by saying “having wrung all the tears from his audience the ringmaster can now turn to sports as seven families try to put together their lives scattered over the Atlantic Ocean. I think this poem makes us think about how we look at the media and how the media portrays tragedy.