High Schoolers Are Overworked; Decreased Workload is the Solution


I chose this topic because it is something I can relate to. After entering high school, I found myself to have many stressful days and many sleepless nights; After reading this article I have realized that many of my peers feel the same way. This article describes the daily life of most high school students, it explains that today’s generation of teenagers is the most stressed and anxious of all generations before them. This an effect of large homework loads, jobs and extracurricular activities. I have had many experiences with being overworked, some of my days can even last up to 20 hours long. I will wake up at seven, go to school until three, then work from four till twelve, still having to come home and do multiple hours of homework. This article suggests that more homework isn’t always better. I believe that educators should be more understanding of our lives outside of school and communicate with the students more and figure out what will be the most beneficial way of learning.